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Democracy, Cities & Drugs II (2008-2011)

The "Democracy, Cities and Drugs" projects is the alliance of a network of 300 European cities with organisations issued from European networks of the civil society. This alliance aims to promote local and integrated responses to the drug phenomenon. Based on the comparison between the experiments undertaken by a pilot network of cities and NGOs, the project intends to support the creation of local partnerships and to set up a sustainable network of exchange of know-how.

Based on the lessons learned from the 1st Democracy, Cities & Drugs project (2005-2007), the DC&D II project 2008-2011 has as objective to support EU cities to develop local, partnership- based drug policies, involving relevant stakeholders (local authorities, health services criminal justice services, communities, including visible minority ones, and drug service users). The ultimate goal is to develop a coordinated, participative, targeted, and thus resource-effective approach towards drug-related problems.

The Main Objectives of the project are:

1. To support among cities the development of a multi-thematic and integrated drug policy
2. To share at national level the EU added value generated by the European practice sharing on local drug policies
3. To support among EU cities the development of policies addressing the specific needs of women with drug misuse
4. To support among EU cities the development of activities for health promotion in nightlife settings
5. To support among EU cities the development of integrated responses related to young vagrant drugs users
6. To support among EU cities the development of outreach activities as regards drugs use and sexual infectious diseases
7. To support among EU cities the development of individual and flexible responses to facilitate Access to Treatment

More Info are ready for download:

Democracy, City and Drugs II Project-Presentation Brochure

An overview on DC&D I project

Steering Materials



Steering committee
Paris (France), 15th November 2010
Steering seminar Agenda.
Pictures of seminar

Steering committee
Tarragona (Spain), 14th April 2010

Steering Seminar Agenda.
Pictures of Seminar.

Common seminar 15th and 16th April 2010.
Seminar Agenda.
Pictures of Seminar.