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Young Vagrants

The platform leader:
Created in 1980, the ANITEA offers places of confrontation and expression for the professionals in the drugs field developing diversified practices (treatment, harm reduction, prevention, research, education, social inclusion, justice..), to take care of the users as citizens, to promote a global approach of the drug phenomenon design depending on the social, ideological and economic context in witch it fits, to represent professionals and specialized agencies up to the public and French institutions. ANITEA organises each year a national conference on drugs, organises training for professionals. ANITEA is composed of Commissions open to its members. Created in 2003, the harm reduction commission, which will carry out the platform, is experienced in organising training sessions, conferences and investigations on the drug-related harm reduction issues.

Context: This project was set up because European cities are facing difficulties to manage young wanderers using drugs cumulating problems of exclusion and immigration. Cities have to cope with 3 levels of problems related to young wanderers using drugs: Health problems (mental health, HIV, hepatitis etc.), Social (exclusion related to precariousness), urban safety (antisocial behaviours and violence). As a public health actor, we are not satisfied with only repressive responses. Different approaches are proposed by different actors but without real coordination. The target audience is marginalized youngsters without occupation, either living in the city or wandering.
We subscribe to Zaragoza Drug workshop recommendations "The local level is confronted with citizens who are drug users (..). Faced with the complexity of situations and the obligation to find responses, local officials have the responsibility of giving coherence to the various strategies implemented by players in the field. This level thus turns out to be more appropriate for collecting information and experiments likely to enrich the discussion concerning the adaptation of legislation and regulations at the national and supranational levels".

Objectives: The platform aims to increase the threshold of health protection, urban safety and social cohesion among EU Cities. In this way, we will reinforce the thresholds of competence of the stakeholders; will intensify the possibilities of joint actions between care, social cohesion and urban safety agencies targeting the drugs users.

Building a common charter with recommendations and a welcome guide for young people and local actors adapted to each city.

Cities commitment: The platform addresses policy makers within specialised local governments' drugs, health and social services having a particular mandate or interest in young wanderers' issues and practitioners from local health and private sector organisations working or interested in developing further work with wandering drug users.
Cities representatives will be involved in the collection and analysis of data on existing local policies and services for wandering drug users in their cities, to share good practices they might be aware of in this field and to contribute and benefit from the development of guidelines.