The platform leader: ACCES is a NGO working in the field of health education with specific field of intervention around HIV/AIDS prevention, drug use, harm reduction... Our experience has lead us to elaborate training practices, team and individual supervision, and health education promotion based on the humanist Counselling approach of Carl Rogers. Our training experience covers different fields of intervention: health education actions in street work context, local & national training sessions for NGOs teams, presentations in European and international conferences.
We have created a working partnership with three European NGOs: ARAS (Romania), Initiative for Health (Bulgaria) and Villa Mariani (Italy).

Context: Drug use is a reality that has effects on several levels of the civil society. We have to take this in account and find together strategies, according to our different levels of action, in order to reduce harm and damages linked to this use. This platform aims at working in terms of reducing harm in a health point of view and especially on issues such as HIV/AIDS infection, HCV and other health problems related to drug use (venous system damages, local and generalized infections, overdoses, psychiatric problems...) This initiative also aims at strengthening the general follow-up process of the user on issues such as ethic, care choice, or counselling as the helping relationship...

Objectives: The overall objective of this platform is dedicated to exchange and put in common good practices in terms of health promotion for people working with drug users:
To set up information exchange and knowledge sharing regarding drug users support To lead training sessions directly connected with professionals issues doing outreach work with drug users To create a practical outreach manual guiding on the following thematic: harm reduction, HIV/AIDS prevention, ethic...
The long term objective is to reinforce the capacity of the civil society (NGOs, health services) and their cooperation with the local policy makers to promote a better health and care for drug users.

Cities commitment: Professionals that are invited to take part to this platform are those acting in the health concern: head of services, psychologists, street workers, trainers, representatives of local authorities.
We invite Cities to join our exchange platform to encourage the work done by NGOS or public health services regarding drug use.