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WORKSHOP MEETING Leipzig, Germany 4/5 Dec 2009.

Bucharest Implementation Seminar 22/23 January 2009.

Second Group Meeting, Vienna 5 June, 2009.

Work in Progress.

The project group “treatment challenges” consists of the representatives of the drug coordination from the cities of Leipzig, Liége, Stuttgart,Vienna and the Central Bohemia Region and is coordinated by Euro-TC (European Treatment Centers for Drug Addiction- an international Network of high quality treatment facilities). In three working meetings a very productive process of exchange and sharing of information has been achieved. The process started with the evaluation of expectations and the local needs of the participants. There was a general agreement on the main issues to be dealt with. As a second step each city or region presented itself and its local specialties. At the third meeting in Vienna, on June 5th 2009 the Vienna drug coordination, presented through Ewald Lochner, gave an extensive overview about the different activities in Vienna, which illustrated perfectly the benefits of an integrative holistic approach to bring the stakeholders together and guarantee a wide range of services. The main task of this meeting which was most excellent organized by the hosts of the Vienna drug coordination was the starting process in the development of guidelines, which was conducted in a very productive discussion. Next meeting will be held in Leipzig by the end of the year, hosted by the drug coordination of the city of Leipzig, represented by the drug coordinator Sylke Lein.