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Implementation Seminar Bucharest, January 22-23,
2009 Power Point Presentation

Work in progress.

Context: this training offer arised in the context of a need to share experiences and knowledge around the issues of harm reduction especially  with drug users, as well as on a feedback on existing harm reduction policies  è efficiency of outreach activities, targeted prevention messages and needle exchange programmes in the fight against HIV, HCV within IDUs (Injecting Drug Users) community.
The programme builts on a working partnership with three European NGOs: ARAS (Romania), Initiative for Health (Bulgaria) and Villa Maraini (Italy).
This work group, gathering good practices in drug use and outreach work, will enable Cities and officials to develop tools adapted to drug-related concerns taking into account their duties : keeping a safe urban life, facilitate the work of all  the civil society  members (NGOs, police authorities, social and health services).

Overall objective:
exchange and put in common good practices in terms of health promotion for people working with drug users especially in outreach work activities

Specific aims:

  • To set up information exchange and knowledge sharing regarding drug users support.

  • To lead training sessions directly connected with professionals issues doing outreach work with drug users.

  • To create a practical outreach manual guiding on the following thematic: harm reduction, HIV/AIDS prevention, ethic,…


  • Start from Cities needs and exchange along the project using HEAD-UP partnership resources in order to create adapted and useful tools and diffuse the results within the DC&DII network.

  • Collect information from Cities regarding national legal context linked to drug use, outreach work and harm reduction.

  • Identify Cities specificities and adaptation of the training content.

  • Set up training experimentation based on the training experience with competences  of the HEAD-UP partnership.

  • Get feedback from Cities to elaborate the practical manual for outreach work.

  • Diffuse to participating Cities.

  • Present tools and results to all DC&DII network.


  • June 2008 – Strategic seminar - Paris - Presentation of the WP, contact with Cities interested in the WP.

  • June 08 to February 09 -  Exchange platform – Assessment phase- Presentation of the country situation regarding drug use & definition with Cities of the training needs and conditions.

  • January  2009 - Implementation seminar – Bucharest.

  • Presentation of the training and finalization of the group of member cities.

  • September 2009 – Training workshop – Paris.

  • Training for local stakeholders from the involved cities on the specific following subjects: outreach work, HIV/HCV prevention, substance use, the counselling helping relationship …

  • September 09 to September 10 – Exchange platform – Implementation phase.

  • Organisation of the workshops and refinement meetings.

  • Development of the outreach manual.

  • June 2010 – Evaluation workshop – Marseille.

  • Evaluation of the HEAD-UP WP, validation of the manual & preparation of the final dissemination conference.

  • July to December 10– Exchange platform – Finalisation phase.

  • Editing, printing and translation of the Manual.

  • Diffusion of the manual for professionals working with drug users in the harm reduction field in participating Cities.

  • December 2010 – Dissemination conference - Vienna  .

  • Presentation of the manual and the project results to the EFUS network and other representatives of national authorities.

  • Contacts to diffuse training methodology and manual.

  • January to May 2011 – Exchange platform - Evaluation work.

  • Evaluation of the tools created during the project, participation to the general evaluation of the project and reflection on a sustainable results dissemination strategy.