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Safer NightLife


The platform leader: ABD ( is a NGO declared of public utility, working since the 80s in the areas of AIDS, drugs, gender equality, migrant integration, social inclusion, etc. In 2006, ABD has 5 headquarters (Barcelona, Madrid, Màlaga, València and Palma de Mallorca). Energy Control is ABD's program implementing, since 1997, risk reduction strategies within the nightlife sectors including peer community group interventions, training for professionals, edition and promotion of specific prevention materials and guidelines. ABD was the leader of the 1st DC&D project WP on Safer Nightlife. (

Context: Throughout Europe, legal and illegal drug use has become a consistent feature of nightlife and a complex issue to attend. The use of cocaine is increasing in most European countries, the interrelated consumption of psychoactive substances, which include both alcohol and tobacco, the emergence of new substances and new trends complicate both our understanding and response.

Objectives: Our platform aims to improve nightlife prevention programs and training for professionals and peer workers working on the front-line with drug users in nightlife settings (music festivals, clubs, raves, etc).
Together, besides of the exchange of practices and the different topics to be discussed, we will achieve different "productions" for our own use and to diffuse: a training guideline, preventive universal "ICONS" for music events, a digital library with preventive materials and documents from all the projects translated to English and a short film.

Safer nightlife partners: NGOs and Cities.