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Scientific Committee

The Scientific committee is coordinated by Thierry Charlois, subcontracted consultant on European drug policies (


"All the steering group members are members of the scientific committee".
Anne Coppel is a public health sociologist, committed to her work for harm reduction  from drug use. She is an activist in drug law reform and human rights. For more than 25 years, Anne Coppel has been a leading researcher in the areas of drug use, drug policy and treatment, HIV/AIDS, harm reduction.   She was instrumental in the development of harm reduction in France as a response to HIV/AIDS. and in theintroduction of methadone treatment to drug users, it called for public debate in which she assisted in leading as president of a committee of 44 NGO’s ( named “limiter la casse”). She was president of the 8th International Conference on the Reduction of Drug Related Harm (Paris, 1997).She is currently the Honorary President of AFR (the french national harm reduction organisation).  She has personnally published two books, an  has written over 150 scientific articles and book chapters. 
Her work has been recognised with various awards including IHRA’s International Rolleston Award in 1995.
Dagmar Hedrich is a senior scientific analyst at the European Monitoring Centre on Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA), a Lisbon based, de-centralized agency of the European Union responsible for providing the European Community and the Member States with objective, reliable and comparable information on drugs, drug addiction and their consequences. Her field of work are 'health and social responses' to drug use, including in prisons and other detention settings.
Eberhard Schatz worked as drug councellor in Amsterdam and currently is coordinator of the European Network Correlation.
Elham Kashefi is a social science researcher and teacher working in the north of England. Elham's passion is developing participatory methodologies which bring citizens, practitioners and policy makers together in order to allow people's lived experience and their stories to connect with the development of policy.
Hélène Martineau, Deputy Director at the French Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addictions (OFDT). After a Master in sociology and demography at the University of Paris V, she was hired at OFDT as specialist of drug law enforcement. As head of studies, she was also in charge of gathering and synthesis data on tobacco (use, market, consequences). She conducted studies and scientific evaluations, coordinated and wrote group reports. In particular, she was in charge of the coordination for OFDT of the main French research on Cannabis and road accidents, under the scientific supervision of the National Institute for Transport and Safety Research. Since 2007, she is the deputy director. Beside the scientific coordination of OFDT activities, she is also involved in administrative and human resources fields.
Johnny Connolly is a criminologist who works with the Health Research Board in Ireland. He is also Ireland’s legal representative on the European legal Database on drugs of the EMCDDA. He is currently acting chairperson of the Criminal Justice Platform of the Pompidou group and a member of the steering group of EXASS Net. He has written extensively on the areas of policing, drugs and crime and illicit drug markets.
Matej Košir is a Director of the Institute for Research and Development ‘Utrip’, Slovenia. His expertise and experience include senior adviser and project manager at the Government Office for Drugs and the Ministry of Health for 8 years; policy analyst and researcher at the Ministry of Interior for 4 years; volunteer and member of local non-governmental association for youth and Local Action Group (LAG) for addiction prevention in the Municipality of Grosuplje for last 9 years; national coordinator for alcohol policy at the Ministry of Health; national coordinator for implementation of laws in the field of illicit drugs (ELDD project of the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction - EMCDDA); EDDRA / best practice manager (also project of EMCDDA); and member of different European research and project networks in the field of youth risk behaviour (e.g. IREFREA, Club Health, AMPHORA, Prevnet, ProSkills). He is also a project coordinator of EC supported project ‘Club Health – Healthy and Safer Nightlife of Youth’ (

Michael Musalek: Member of the Executive Committee of the European Psychiatric Association (EPA);
Secretary for Sections of the EPA (since 2005); Chairman of the EPA Section Psychopathology;Founding Member of the Executive Committee of the EPA Section Alcohol and Drug Addiction; Founding Member of the EPA Section for Philosophy and Psychiatry; Vice-Chairman of the World Psychiatric Association Section Clinical Psychopathology; Founding Member of the WPA Section Philosophy and Humanities,
Honorary Member of the Società Italiana di Psicopatologia; President, Austrian Society for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy (ÖGPP) President, European Society of Aesthetics and Medicine (ESAM);President, European Society for Treatment of Alcohol Dependance and Related Disorders (ESTAD) Member of the National Health Council, Austria Member of the Advisory Board of the journal "Psychopathology", the “International Journal of Psychiatry in Clinical Practice”, the Journal for Philosophy and Psychiatry and the "Independent Psychiatry Journal" of the Russian Independent Psychiatric Association. Prof. Musalek is Editor of the journal “Spectrum Psychiatry”, he has produced more than 200 scientific publications, most of these are concerned with his main interests in psychiatry research: clinical psychopathology, nosology and classification, alcoholism and drug addiction, liaison-psychiatry, psychodermatology, social psychiatry, treatment research, psychotherapy and philosophy.