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Treatment Challenge

Context: On the one hand, the platform was set up to identify the actual challenges in treatment and find responses to local specificities and actual consumption patterns. Its aims are the development of best strategies for the local city level.
On the other hand, the platform will promote will promote exchange to stakeholders in first grade to prevention and harm reduction agencies, police force and justice system, other care units, practitioners, representatives from the municipalities and representatives of the community (e.g. parents' organisations, users' organisations).

Objectives: The platform aims at supporting and enhancing a multi disciplinary cooperation on the topic of Addiction Treatment. The partner cities will receive support in developing better cooperation between treatment facilities and 5 cities will involve the exchange platform carried out by the platform.

Specific topics: Continuity, in terms of substitution/abstinent treatment; Cooperation between municipalities, general drug series, prevention specialists, treatment centers, police, etc.; Flexibility, finding individual answers for special drug consuming populations, in terms of abused substances, age, gender, ethnicity.

Cities Commitment: Official representatives form the citiy, ideally responsible persons for the drug coordination and or health care unit should be officially nominated by the City Council. Besides this active governmental organisations and NGO's working in the drug and addiction field should be motivated to take part and also sign their commitment of participation.